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Accountants like you choose RaderCo to help elevate their teams. That includes everything from CPEs that are actually fun (yes, it's possible!) to team and individual coaching that increases efficiency and effectiveness. Want to be the next accountant to triple their income?”


My income went up 300%!

I went from secretly looking for a job to being able to buy two more firms and now run my practice remotely from Belize. I couldn't have done it without RaderCo!


kaylynn dalebout

Owner, Clockwork Accounting

Energy, the headspace to operate at our best, and job satisfaction.

We could have waited until we were a bigger company but then had a much bigger problem to fix. We've laid the groundwork for quicker and more successful scaling.


sophie howell

Chief Experience Officer, Cook Wealth

sample raderco training topics

work well remotely

Healthy Habits at Home

Working long hours and having a hard time shutting down? Distracted by notifications and noise? Spending your day in kitchen-desk-kitchen marathons?

Working from home can be challenging, especially with distractions and temptations to overwork and under-move. Being productive, healthy, and focused doesn't have to be a fight against willpower. You can get into the focus zone, keep your body moving, and work effectively at home with the proper habits.

Get the power-ups to find more balance, take care of yourself, and do your best work – virtually!

This topic presented to over 20,000 accountants!

don plato

“Top Tier Presentation”

I've engaged over 120 speakers in the last 12 years, and Marcey's presentation was in the top tier. Her incredible energy, humor, and group activities entertained everyone. I've had other speakers present on time management; however, her presentation was very different and creative.

Vice President, Robert Half Management Resources

break free from busy

Simple To-Do List Solutions

Feel like you've worked all day but got nothing done? Aren’t sure how to prioritize and feel like everything is urgent?

Break free from the never-ending to-do list!

Stop feeling frazzled and fragmented, and prioritize your time, energy, and attention. Create time blocks to batch, theme, and focus on your tasks. Enter your day, week, or month with a clear plan.

Own your agenda instead of it owning you

jack finley

“CPE isn't supposed to be this enjoyable!”

Marcey was one of the best speakers I've heard and Time Power-Ups was so beneficial. I almost feel guilty taking the CPE credit because I enjoyed it so much. CPE is not supposed to be that enjoyable!

Jack Finley, CPA Partner

everyday energy

Healthy Habits for Real People

Done with being tired and the endless pursuit of perfection?  Overwhelmed by health gurus who only care if you look good naked

Get Everyday Energy and an intro to the healthy habits you've been looking for. We'll skip worrying about bikini bodies, trendy or tasteless diets, and running marathons. 

 Power up now with simple ways to feel better!

This program was the winner of the NCACPA Terry R. Alexander Speaker award!

karen mcmanus<br />

“Asked great questions to assess our needs!”

RaderCo asked great questions to assess our needs, pre-surveyed the participants for their insights, and developed a customized program matching our expectations. Marcey exudes confidence and energy in her delivery and instruction while bringing fresh and exciting perspectives to motivate our associates.

Karen Mcmanus, HR Senior Manager, Cherry Bekaert, LLP

email extinguisher

Simple Tips to Shrink the Inbox

Tired of feeling chained to your laptop? Dread checking your email or get distracted when your phone pings? 

It's time to shrink the inbox!

Explore practical strategies to reduce email-related stress while setting guardrails to improve productivity. In an always-on culture, it’s not about work-life balance, it’s digital wellness and tech-life balance.

Don't let your inbox dictate your day. Join us and take back your agenda!

This topic presented to over 22,000 accountants!

Jason Deshayes

“I regularly get to Inbox Zero!”

Before Marcey's Email Extinguisher session, I had north of 400 emails for the last few months sitting in my inbox collecting digital dust. By the time I left the conference, I was down to about 4, and since then, I regularly get to inbox zero. Her session was highly practical and engaging. Do yourself a favor and learn from Marcey!
Jason Deshayes, Chief Operating Officer, Cook Wealth Management Group

find your meeting mojo

Minimize Drain and Maximize Impact

Leave meetings wishing you could get that hour back? Tired of video marathons and feeling like a Zoom zombie?

Discover the hidden superpowers to transform mundane meetings. No more drained batteries and yawn-inducing engagement. Instead, you'll be the ultimate hero, saving the day – one meeting at a time. 

Make meetings matter from the room to the Zoom and gain return on the time you invest.

Scott Zarret

“Delightful blend of fun and professionalism.”

Marcey Rader is the epitome of excellence as a speaker on Having conducted an impressive 52 webinars across diverse topics, she has garnered the highest review scores for the 21,000 members she has taught. Marcey’s engaging style and depth of knowledge are surpassed only by her wonderful personality. Working with her is a delightful blend of fun and professionalism that resonates with our employees and members alike. In a sea of talent, Marcey stands as a lighthouse, guiding and enlightening all who have the privilege of learning from her.

Scott Zarrett

elevate your focus

Defeat Distractions for Peak Performance

Reach the end of the day low on willpower and feeling decision fatigue? Afraid you’re missing the people, places, and experiences happening right before you?

Ring, ping, buzz, knock! Distractions are lurking around every corner, ready to pounce on your attention. Fear not! You don't need a secret hideout to gain control. With the right tech guardrails and supercharged habits, you can become the focus pro you've always wanted to be! 

Ditch the distractions and live in the moment!


“I feel so much more connected to my team.”

My team said it was a fun, interactive way to learn new skills and to think differently. I feel so much more connected with them after this session. The investment was a total win.
Pam Chanfrau CEO, ACP Resources

speaking awards


NCACPA Terry R. Alexander Award

Most Promising Personalities in Accounting

Most Impactful Women Leaders in Accounting

are you ready to get results?

RaderCo's real-world, practical advice will turn your event into an experience with return on investment. We can provide CPEs for your company in any of the topics above and motivated teams so they can avoid burnout and keep good people.


Meet Cook Wealth. When this 25-person firm hired RaderCo for team training, consulting, and coaching, they jump-started the creation of company processes to set them up to scale, showcase company values, and get off the hamster wheel.


Meet KayLynn Dalebout. When this CPA hired RaderCo for coaching, she had 1.5 employees and was secretly looking for a job. Fast forward one year and she had bought two more firms, had 27 employees, and was living her best life in Belize!

Thought leader – marcey rader on why people are crazy with meetings and what to do about it

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