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Welcome, Certified Professional Accountants and Financial Industry Leaders. Rader Co. loves working with your industry. We have created this page dedicated to you -with sample videos, testimonials, and information. Use it to facilitate and inform your decision when investing in a speaker for your next event.

We provide CPEs through CPA Academy, MyCPE, and Galasso Learning Solutions.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend your CPE session this morning! Marcey was one of the best speakers I have heard and her subject was so beneficial. I almost feel guilty taking the CPE credit because I enjoyed it so much. CPE is not supposed to be that enjoyable!
jack finley

CPA Partner

Home Studio Marcey Speaking

work well remotely

Healthy Habits at Home

Marcey Rader has worked from home since 2001 and leads a team functioning from all over the globe. This workshop covers work, family, and digital distractions. You'll learn healthy habits to help you move more and reduce your screen-time and transitions to be fully present and recharged for the next day.

task mastery

Get the Right Things Done to Work Well and Play More!

It doesn't matter if you're checking the boxes if the right ones aren't being checked. Rader Co.'s most popular talk, Task Mastery, is perfect for CPAs to manage their Top Three priorities at work, use Theme Days to organize their schedule, and employ outsourcing to stop doing those $10 tasks.

energy escalators

Healthy Habits for Real People

Marcey Rader received the Terry R. Alexander New Speaker award for this practical and fun presentation at the NCACPA Professional Women's Conference. Learn to create movement opportunities, avoid counterfeit energy, sleep like a champ, and reduce your stress levels (without sitting on a mountaintop!)

email extinguisher

Simple Tips to Shrink the Inbox

Rader Co. loves to shrink the inbox so that CPAs can work in their line of genius! Get out of email jail by setting expectations, using shortcuts to save time, and creating behaviors to stop being reactive and focus on being responsive.

Marcey Rader

conquer the calendar

Meeting Mastery for More Free Time

Ready to stop having status quo meetings, get rid of the distractions, and combat Zoom fatigue? Learn how to shorten meetings using video, align your schedule with your focus times, and have more effective one-to-one engagement.

catch marcey

july 29

5 Things You Need to Know to Successfully Manage a Remote Team
Las Vegas, NV

aug 23

Work Anytime, Anywhere
CPA Academy

aug 23

Email Extinguisher

aug 25

Work Well Remotely

sep 14

Email Extinguisher [REBROADCAST]
CPA Academy

sep 20

Work Anytime, Anywhere [REBROADCAST]
CPA Academy

new speaker of the year!

With so many incredible speakers out there, I am truly honored to win this award doing what I love to do and sharing the message that being healthy and productive doesn't have to feel like work.

– Marcey Rader, Founder

I had the pleasure of participating in Marcey's Email Extinguisher session at AICPA Engage in June 2019. Prior to that session, I had north of 400 emails for the last few months just sitting in my inbox collecting digital dust. By the time I left the conference, I was down to about 4 and since then regularly get to inbox zero. Her session was highly practical and engaging, so do yourself a favor and learn from Marcey!

jason deshayes

Director of Tax Planning , Cook Wealth Management Group


are you ready to get results?

Rader Co.'s real-world, practical advice will turn your event into an experience with return on investment. She can provide CPEs for your company in any of the topics above through Galasso Learning Solutions. She's privately coached several CPAs and motivated teams so they can avoid burnout and keep good people.

entigrity offshore staffing case study

thought leader – marcey rader on why people are crazy with meetings and what to do about it

how to spend way less time on email every day

what CPAs say about marcey rader and rader co.

Marcey asked great questions to assess our needs, pre-surveyed the participants for their insights, and developed a customized program matching our expectations. Her Health and Productivity series were appropriate and applicable to many different levels in our firm. Marcey exudes confidence and energy in her delivery and instruction while bringing fresh and exciting perspectives to motivate our associates.
karen mcmanus

HR Senior Manager, Cherry Bekaert, LLP

You were fabulous yesterday. Our CEO and I can't stop talking about you! I'm looking forward to reading your book- your message is my new love language.
kaitlyn kirkhart

CCO, BaCo Tech

Thank you for presenting at the Robert Half Management Resource CPE event for over 300 CPAs. I've engaged over 120 speakers in the last 12 years, and your presentation was in the top tier. Your incredible energy, humor, and group activities kept everyone engaged and entertained. I have had other speakers present on time management; however, your presentation was very different and creative. I had no idea of apps that could help, and your creative approach kept me entertained. I can't wait to have you back to present again.
donald l. plato, jr.

Vice President, Robert Half Management Resources

Thank you for your webinar. I honestly think it has been the most useful and relevant webinar I’ve participated in through myCPE.
daniel regan

Accountant, Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes, Inc.

The time management steps to better productivity was so useful.

As the CEO, I am already feeling I have more time in my day by not allowing email to dictate my schedule.

My team said it was a fun, interactive way to learn new skills and to think differently. I feel so much more connected with them after this session. The investment was a total win.

pam chanfrau

CEO, ACP Resources

One of the best courses I've taken on CPA Academy so far. Several very useful tips provided for working productively at home. I especially like the 90-minute GSD idea.
leland neubauer

Internal Revenue Service

If you are planning a lunch and learn, women's conference or any event where you need a speaker to pump up the audience, keep them engaged and offer them actionable take aways on health and wellness, then Marcey Rader should be your top choice! Marcey keeps the audience engaged using a variety of techniques. Her high energy presentations are packed full of great advice but also true lessons learned. I've used Marcey for multiple speaking events with different audiences and she is always a crowd favorite. I can't recommend her enough as a speaker!
melisa galasso

Founder & CEO, Galasso Learning Solutions

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