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2022 Team Grids

how it started

In 2018, I saw that some of the coaches I worked with were excellent and gifted at coaching, but didn't want to grow a team, deal with contract negotiations, or spend time on business development and marketing. Not only did I want an entire team, but I also enjoyed working with the company leaders and HR for full-scale productivity plans. I learned to configure the right team for each individual engaged in a coaching program.

I added a few coaches on to supplement the productivity and health coaching I was giving. A well-rounded executive team could help individuals reach their goals without hiring multiple coaches. With the team approach, we talked about the client's progress. We gave insight that we wouldn't otherwise get by only coaching individually in separate packages. It worked beautifully.

As we grew, I brought on more coaches. Experts that I had experienced personally or that had some serious street cred. In 2021, Work Well. Play More! was rebranded to RaderCo to showcase the depth and breadth of the team and what we could offer. It's a win-win for the coaches who want to get more business, companies who want to work with fewer vendors, and coaching clients who want to excel even faster with an executive team.

Marcey Rader

Working as a Team Specialist for RaderCo has been a huge win for me and my business! With our arrangement, I can run my voice and communication coaching business independently and serve vetted RaderCo clients – that I don't have to work to secure! I feel great about offering my services to more deserving people than I would be able to reach on my own. Definitely a win-win!

helen moses

Voice and Communication Specialist

what we value

education and experience

We've been there. We've done that. We have the credentials to support it.

customized interactions

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to our clients.

instilling healthy habits

This includes us! We walk our talk while also recognizing that we aren't superheroes.

extreme ownership

People make mistakes. Own it, correct it, and move on.

it's not you. it's me.

If we aren't the right fit, we won't mold the client to make it work. We'll refer to another coach who can keep the client on the path to their goals.


We donate a percentage of net profits to Kiva.org to support women in developing countries in growing their businesses. We hire non-coaching staff in economically or politically distressed countries.

we're seeking coaches who desire…



We don't micromanage or microcoach. We're responsible for oversight but won't tell you how to coach in your subject matter expertise.



There is a place for standard programs and methodology. RaderCo isn't one of them. Each individual or team has a program designed just for them. 


If you love to coach, but don't want to focus on business building, networking, contract negotiations, and more, this model can keep you in your line of genius…making magic happen with a client.

flexibility in hours and packages

You know when you work best and what kind of package each person needs.

Do you want to see if you're the right fit for raderco?