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Ever had that lightbulb moment during a training and then a few weeks later, found your team going, “Wait, how did that tip go again?” Enter the superstar of post-training follow-ups: Ask the Expert sessions. 



“I look forward to checking my email!”

I attended one of RaderCo's Ask the Expert sessions and was lucky to have a question answered. I shared my struggles as a packrat with my personal e-mail account of 14 years. While affirming my predicament, I received practical tips that helped me get rid of the stuff I don’t need, organize what’s left, and manage what arrives in the future. Now, my inbox isn’t full of stuff that makes me feel guilty, and I look forward to checking my e-mail. I’m so pleased to benefit in this type of forum.

Susan Brumbaugh, Ph.D.

jam-packed team benefits

group brainpower surge

A blend of your team’s “Aha!” moments, collective insights and advice for remaining questions and challenges.

synced-up groove

No more “I thought you were doing it this way” debates. Get everyone grooving to the same beat and watch the magic happen!

expertise bonanza

A RaderCo Specialist, just a Zoom screen away, ready to dish out golden nuggets of advice. It’s a secret weapon in your team’s arsenal.

high-fives all around

Celebrate the big wins, the tiny triumphs, and everything in between. When the team shines, it’s a win-win for the company!
Amy Casey headshot

“The Ask the Expert is a great mechanism to sustain learning.”

The Ask the Expert is a great mechanism to sustain learning. It creates peer-to-peer connections and the ability to learn from one another, which is key to our L&D strategy. 
Amy Casey, Director of Learning and Development

ask the expert ultimate team huddle

Slated for a rendezvous 30-45 days post-event – it's a team huddle with the highest ROI. The perfect pitstop to regroup, share wins, iron out kinks, and get pumped for the next productivity lap.

For companies with a zest for fun and productivity (yes, they can coexist!), Ask the Expert is your ticket to the ride. Strap in, and let's ride to success-town and work well together


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