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Lots going on for me lately!  First up, my new kit with Rubberbanditz exercise bands.  I'm super excited about this kit and determined that everything in it is all a mobile professional or business traveler needs to stay fit on the road. I keep a kit in my car and have performed a couple of sets of exercises while waiting for a meeting, a client, or on the road at the gas station.  My favorite part of the kit is the door strap.  It works great in a car door, hotel door or…well, any door! I have a couple of promotional videos coming out in March but if you want to get in early, the first 100 people to buy can use the special code FAMR20 to get 20% off! What does FAMR stand for? Fast Action Marcey Rader, because I want to reward people who take fast action!

I also have a 20-30 minute free teleseminar this Wednesday with Shoeboxed.  Join us at 1:00 or 8:00pm EST.  Can't make either time?  Sign up and receive the free playback after.  You may even receive a special discount if you sign up.  Just sayin'.

Notice anything different on the site?  That's my new logo, captured brilliantly by JP Edwards of Skybound.  Purple and orange are my fave colors, I'm always on the go and moving forward and the stopwatch symbolizes exercise and time, both of which I geek out over helping people manage.  I heart my logo JP!

My 10 by 10 challenge with Lift is still going strong with 2,413 participants! Yowza! Can you exercise 10 minutes a day by 10am to create a life-long healthy habit?  If you're saying ‘no', is that an excuse or a reason?  Sign up with me!

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