My Top Ten Apps for Health and Productivity

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Not all apps work for all people.

The voice on your best friend's meditation app may make you want to cringe.

The listicizing app your colleague uses may not work well with your phone.

These are my top ten apps with a bonus thrown in. It won't hurt my feelings if you don't like them, but if you're looking for something new or a change….here you go!

Note: I use an iPhone. Not all apps are compatible or play as well across devices.

  1.  Mailbox – This is the app I use for my mail. It has the same capability as my Client Relationship Manager software. I can snooze an email until later or a specific date or archive with a simple swipe on my phone.
  2. My Fitness Pal – I have tracked my nutrition for almost 16 years. It's a great keystone habit and has proven very beneficial in the last year when trying to figure out what was causing my gut issues. I also encourage my clients to use it so I can see what they are up to.
  3. GoTasks – This is my task manager and listicizer. This works awesome with Gmail. Google Tasks still doesn't have repeat capability (WTH Google?) but GoTasks does.
  4. Yahoo Weather – Beautiful interface and detailed enough for me to know what time will be best to go out for my ride.
  5. Sweetbeat Life – I check my heart rate variability every morning (this is not the same as heart rate). I use this app to tell me how intensely I can train that day or how stressed I am.
  6. Lift – I use Lift to track my streaks or number of times for meditation (368 days), exercising by 10am (321 days), Hoopdancing (121 times) and the 25 in 25 challenge.
  7. Evernote – I use Evernote for so many things: screenshots, client information, recipes, ebooks, PDFs, lists. I can't say enough about Evernote. The optical character recognition is extraordinary.
  8. Shoeboxed – Receipt tracking made easy.
  9. Stylebook – I recently got this and LOVE it. I took photos of all my clothes and can make outfits with it, track what I've worn and the cost per use. It takes time to set up and I thought it might be overkill but it really is cool.
  10. Downcast – I use this to listen to my podcasts. I subscribe to only five at a time so I don't get overwhelmed with how many I need to listen to. I'm a podcast listener in the car or when cleaning my house.
  11. *Bonus* Fooducate – This app is great to see what grade your food has. If you are eating tortilla chips, it ranks your brand among other tortilla chips. I upgraded to the gluten-free version which easily tells me if something has gluten in it. I scan the item's bar code and BAM.

What are your favorite health and productivity apps?

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