Shoeboxed – My #1 App for Receipt Tracking

by Productivity

Have you ever needed to turn in a receipt for reimbursement and discovered it was lost? Do you spend more than an hour going through your receipts at tax time? If so, then you need Shoeboxed! A woman I was training earlier this year introduced me to Shoeboxed. Ever since then, I have been hooked and consider it my #1 app for receipt tracking at home and while traveling. No one should be carrying around or storing paper receipts anymore. Even the IRS takes scanned copies!


How does it work? When you get a receipt you simply open up the app on your phone or iPad and snap a picture of it. You then have the option of making a note, checking if it is deductible, reimbursable or don’t know and then submit. It really is that easy! Then, on a schedule of your choice, you can go in to Shoeboxed and assign the receipts to different categories and even create categories. Most of the time, mine are already in the correct category. For example, if I buy gas at BP, the Auto/Fuel category is already checked. I added a category called Work Well so I can check that box and ensure it goes to my business category. You can make a category for your business and another for your personal to keep them separate.

Other things applicable for business travelers:

  • Share receipts via email
  • Separate by date range
  • Separate by category
  • Separate by payment types (this includes by specific credit card numbers, cash, check, transfer or
  • PayPal
  • I love that I can toss my receipts after uploading. I LOVE SHOEBOXED!!

Your data can be imported into QuickBooks, Excel, CSV and many other programs. Another thing I like about them is that I can send or forward my eReceipts from hotels and car rental agencies directly to my Shoeboxed email address or quickly snap a photo of it with the Chrome Extension on my browser. Yeah!

They also have a service where you can send in your physical receipts, however I haven’t needed to take advantage of that. The price is reasonable and there are several plans to choose from. There is a free account if you don’t need to track that often. I have the Lite Annual plan which is $99/year. This gets me 50 docs per month. Plans go all the way up to Executive, which is for 1000 docs per month, prepaid envelopes, Quickbooks integration and more.

One thing I haven’t been able to remember is to use the mileage tracker. Shoeboxed added a great service, which is opening up the app and tracking your mileage to and from wherever your business takes you. This gets uploaded and you can make notes and state what it was for. The mileage and cost is automagically calculated for you. I can’t seem to remember to turn it on and when I do, I can’t remember to turn it off! This is just a behavior change so I’m still working on it. Smile

Stop toting around a plastic baggie full of receipts. Get Shoeboxed. Scan and upload a receipt. Go to a mirror and tell yourself how smart you are because now that you have a better handle on tracking your receipts, you can Work Well, Play More!

Work Well, Play More™!

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jim west

Principal and Managing Director, GFF Architects