New Website Launch for Marcey Rader!

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Hello friends, family and mobile professionals,

The last month has been super-exciting for me! I have a great new marketing company that understands my passion for helping people be healthy and productive on the go.   I partnered with an internet marketing company to help me connect with you better.  I hired a business coach to streamline my services and I've opted to use my name instead of WorkWell Life Balance Solutions. I decided the name was too long and when people choose to work with me, I want them to understand they are working with me and not someone else. I hope you like my new site as it rolls out as much as I do!

I have also changed my social media to reflect the change and will just be using my name, Marcey Rader, for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.  Please like or follow me so we can stay connected!

Fujitsu ScanSnap had a competition during National Small Business Week and my business was selected to profile.  See my guest blog post here.

I have some great services and promotions on the horizon including a book launch, collaboration with Rubberbanditz and the 25 in 25™ Exercise Challenge with Lift. Speaking of the 25 in 25™ Exercise Challenge, have you signed up yet?  If not, what are you waiting for? The easiest way is to join Lift then click on my link to join the plan.  Remember to wait until December 1 for your first check-in!  Think you can get five people to sign up with you?  I bet you can! Need some inspiration on how to exercise on the go?  Check out my guest post on Rubberbanditz.

Impact Orthopedics of Raleigh is using the challenge as their employee development activity for December.  SkyBound is challenging their clients to participate to get a special gift from them at the end of the year.  Grab some friends and go because your health doesn't start in January.

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