What the heck is Lifestyle Training?

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As a former mobile pro for a decade, I learned how to be healthy and productive on the road.  I firmly believe that a person can't be healthy without being productive and can't be productive without being healthy. What do I mean by healthy?

  • Commits to regular exercise whether they are at home or traveling
  • Eats a minimally processed, healthy diet, at least 80% of the time
  • Plans their meals appropriately so they don't get low blood sugar or hangry, resulting in poor work or decision-making
  • Gets adequate sleep and feels rested most days
  • Handles stress well
  • Rarely gets sick

All while being mobile.

What do I mean by productive?

  • Has a manageable inbox, ideally inbox zero at the end of the day
  • Doesn't use their inbox as a task list
  • Properly tracks expenditures
  • Seeks opportunities for ‘movement' breaks to clear their mind and amp their energy
  • Prioritizes work and play into their day and week
  • Schedules their time and tasks according to their energy levels

All while being mobile.

Health and productivity are great individually, but so much better as a pair.  Consider it like this:

  • Simon Pegg and Nick Frost
  • Lennon and McCartney
  • Peppermint and chocolate
  • Right sock and left sock
  • Sushi and Wasabi

Personal Trainer and Productivity Coach

You get the picture.

I'm more than a Personal Trainer and more than a Productivity Coach.  I'm a Lifestyle Expert choreographing healthy and productive habits that won't just help you in your job, but also in your life.  Being a business traveler, road warrior or mobile professional isn't just a job, it is a lifestyle.  Those that live it every day know what I'm talking about. Some examples of coaching I'm doing with current clients:

  • Virtually with an international client on email processing, scheduling, task management and energy scheduling*
  • Virtually with a local, 3-person company on email processing, company processes, expenditure tracking, task management and energy scheduling
  • Virtually and F2F with a Mobile Professional incorporating small, sustainable nutrition practices, exercise programs and opportunities and work productivity to allow for energy scheduling and focus

*not ‘la-la' energy, but according to the levels of energy you have to complete a task.  Example – some people are toast by 2pm so don't schedule your focus work for 2pm!

I left the corporate world to start my own company because I saw the need around me.  Saying it is my passion is a cliche. To be direct, I totally geek out on this.  When I get finished with a productivity session I want to high-five myself because I feel so happy about what my clients have accomplished.

Interested in how I can help you or know someone (boss, spouse, client) that could use lifestyle training?

Schedule an appointment today for a free Strategy Session so I can help you Work Well, Play More and Be Awesome!

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