Jack and Crash or a Cabinet Raider?

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I really love working with private clients. Sometimes after a session I'll want to high-five myself because they made a big breakthrough. I can't think of anything more rewarding that I could be doing right now at this point in my life.

Here are some of the things I've worked on with clients:

  • Client A had a habit of raiding the cabinets when he got home from work. We implemented a snack before his commute, which consisted of 200-300 calories of quality protein, fat and carbs and he started entering the house through a different door. The trigger was the door, which was followed by the habit of going to the cabinet. We also set up his Gmail and Outlook in an efficient way, which is not the default settings. He spends less time on email now without even having to work on it. He has more time to go for walks at lunch which gives him more energy in the afternoon.
  • Client B let himself get too hangry. He would attend coffee shop meeting after coffee shop meeting, have lunch with clients but not eat and would end the day completely jacked up on caffeine but with low blood sugar. This affects your brain and results in poor decision making. Stocking his car with hangry snacks was imperative. He also co-owns a company that is small but very busy. Because of their size they hadn't made any formal processes. Instilling a weekly 15-30 minute meeting for all of them kept them up to date on what was going on and they had a clear direction of the company Top Three Tasks as well as their own Top Three Tasks for that week.

These are just two examples of clients I have. For a written post from a client who signed up because her daughter has Aspergers and she wanted to make a change for the family, click here.

For a testimonial I couldn't even pay for, click below.

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I have five openings for private clients to start in August. If you think you are ready for custom-coaching to find your triggers and how to change them, email me marcey@marceyrader.com with the subject line Find My Trigger for a complimentary 30-min Strategy Session.

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