Introducing the Jetsetter Mobile Gym Kit!

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Think you need fancy equipment to get a good workout?

Not sure when the last time that hotel gym was sanitized?

Introducing the Jetsetter Mobile Gym Kit by Marcey Rader!

Last year I went to a start-up networking event at Shoeboxed headquarters and randomly stood next to Jason McMains of Rubberbanditz. After explaining my business, Jason offered to send me a mobile gym kit to try out. Having tried out dozens of different bands in the last 20 years I was jaded and didn't think it would be anything special. Boy was I WRONG! Not only did I love the innovative circular loop, but I found the quality far superior to other bands I have tried. I have seen people literally hit themselves in the face with bands that broke and have worked with the clunky handles. Check out my review here.

I kept trying different components of the bands like the ankle straps, door strap, hand grips, etc. until I found the perfect kit. The kit weighs less than a pound and can easily be thrown in a suitcase or your car. I keep the second red band in my car at all times to pull out for a quick squat/shoulder press/lunge workout. My favorite part of the kit is the door strap which I find super handy.

I wanted to work with Rubberbanditz for other reasons besides the quality. Rubberbanditz was started by Ari Zandman-Zemen and has a great social outreach message which you can read about here.  Also, if you think you are too macho, masculine or strong to work out with a band, check out the owner. He's no wienie 🙂

No excuses. Try the Jetsetter Mobile Gym Kit. No excuses in a 14oz bag.

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