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Revitalize productivity and escalate your attendees' energy with practical steps and sustainable habits they'll be able to implement immediately.
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Banish burnout, reduce stress, keep good people, and keep moving forward with tailored health-powered productivity tools and coaching accountability.

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Increase focus, improve health, and gain the skill set to reach your goals with a top-tier executive team to support you at every step.
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This has totally changed my life. I feel 1000 times better and so much more in control. I now have the confidence and tools to achieve my personal and professional goals in a healthy way.

jen shevlin

VP of Human Resources, Blueprint Medicines

Thank you for the many tips, tricks and hacks along with advice on productivity, leadership, wellness and relationships. I'll carry forward invaluable lessons, many of which have given me back some control and calm in my daily life.
dave welk

Vistage Member, Managing Director, Acquisitions Origin Investments

Marcey’s ability to engage with all levels of our organization was impressive. The overall response from the team after Marcey’s training was very positive. Her energy was infectious, and the tips and tricks she provided were very well received. We're already seeing positive improvements.
tracy solomon

CEO, Tevet, LLC

Marcey Rader is engaging, charismatic and charming. As the organizer of Savor Life Summit, there's nothing more you want than for the audience to walk away with tangible takeaways. Marcey Rader delivers!
angela jia kim

Founder, Savor the Success, Savor Beauty, and Savor Summit

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