guest post guidelines

  1. We welcome guest posts; however, limit them to one per month. Your post may not be released for several weeks or months.
  2. We do not pay for guest blog posts.
  3. The post must be related to health and/or productivity. If you submit something that does not fall into alignment with these topics, we will not publish, nor will we spend time with a back and forth to edit. We recommend reading at least three articles from our site to get familiar with the style.
  4. Our target markets are business owners and corporate executives. They are interested in climbing the ladder or building their business without sacrificing their health or productivity. They are smart and do not like to be talked down to.
  5. Please email three topics/subject lines to for approval. Our concierge will email you back within five business days to let you know if a topic has been approved.
  6. In your article, please be interesting and human with a real voice. It should not seem like a robot wrote it. We like to smile here at RaderCo.
  7. We will not accept spelling or grammar errors. If we run it through Grammarly (creative) and there are several mistakes, we will not publish, nor will we spend time correcting it.
  8. Post length should be 500-1500 words.
  9. At least one high-quality image should be provided that you have rights to.
  10. All tags should be provided at the bottom of the page.
  11. Formats accepted are Microsoft Word or Google Docs. We will not accept PDFs.
  12. Please mark up with bold or make obvious the headers and sub-headers.
  13. Links can be used within the article as long as it doesn't become a sales article for a product you sell.
  14. Content should be submitted as final. However, RaderCo has the right to edit as needed.
  15. You may link back to your site or social with two links in your bio.
  16. All content published on is owned by RaderCo. You may link to it from other sites, but you do not own the content.
  17. When you are ready, send to with the subject line Guest Post For RaderCo: NAME OF POST.
  18. RaderCo will respond within seven days of your submission with the estimated date of posting. If you haven't heard from us within seven days, we have decided that your article isn't the best fit. You own the content and can shop it to someone else.
  19. If any of these steps are not followed, we will not be able to publish your post. Emailing RaderCo repeatedly when you have eliminated one of these steps will not move you up the list. Please respect our time and trust the process that we use to serve our community efficiently and effectively.
thank you for your interest in writing for RaderCo!