what's your focus level?

As a busy person with a lengthy task list and not enough time in the day, do you wonder what it would take to finally check that last box? Do you block time on your calendar but move it around until it’s just a 20-minute block on a Friday afternoon?

Focus90™ Assessment

5 minutes to a more productive you

Take our 15-question quiz and find out if Focus90™ is the right program for you to mark those tasks complete!


Discover your level of discipline in keeping your time sacred and your priorities in the right order.


Find out if you're a Focus Rookie, Manager, or Executive.


Share your results with friends and colleagues and find out their score.

Focus90™ Assessment

Focus90™ is a community-supported, weekly time block to hold your time sacred, get health-powered productivity tips, and mark that task complete! Learn more about it here.

what they're saying about focus90™

I completed 80% of the pages I needed to. This was extremely helpful in letting me know how much time I need!

carrie yauch

Director of Sales and Marketing

If you need to work on tasks or fix things in your business (i.e. declutter, create a cloud system, process your emails, etc.) but you never make the time to do it, I highly recommend joining Marcey Rader's Focus 90 group. It's dedicated time to work on the things you tend to procrastinate on in “front” of other members. This has been one of the best investments for my business.

sylvia inks

Financial Coach

Love the scheduled time when I know I don't have anything to do other than work on what I need to get done.

emily crookston

Ghostwriter and Editor


Sign up for Focus90™ today and see just how much you can get done with dedicated time, community support, and bite-size productivity tips.

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