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email action plan

 Shrink your inbox with a plan personalized just for you.

organized system + personalized plan = stress-free email

Are you drowning in email?
Do you think Inbox Zero is a myth?

Answers and liberation await in your personalized Rader Co. Email Action Plan.

You're not alone if you struggle with your email. We once did too.

So, we created the solution.

We know how to organize your inbox and teach you the habits you need to stop living by someone else's agenda and get your time back.

If you're overwhelmed by your inbox, feel reactive to notifications, or are afraid to declare email bankruptcy, book your Email Action Plan today! Together, we'll deep dive into your challenges and ensure you never miss an essential message again. 

We're email experts, so you don't have to be.

what comes with your plan


Get greater clarity with our Inbox Habits Assessment.

Insight from a productivity expert in a 90-minute  personalized coaching session on your inbox and behaviors

Learn how to set up your inbox for efficiency with access to our video tutorials.

Know exactly what to do next when you receive your custom 3-step Email Action Plan.

sound good?

Currently $600 investment. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

We typically work with clients in 3 months to one-year coaching programs. We kept receiving requests for one-off sessions. We resisted because our modus operandi is behavior change, which doesn't easily occur in one session.

Except with email.

Some people need a head start, a clean slate, or to declare email bankruptcy (with our support and system). To banish the burnout and overcome the overwhelm, sometimes means getting email under control and

starting fresh with the right set-up

implementing shortcuts and filters
adding in one or two new behaviors 

When we coach executives and business owners, the one thing that gets the best testimonials is the freedom we give them from being held captive by their devices.

Marcey Rader

proven results

Marcey is a wizard when it comes to email hacks to tame the inbox and never miss an important reply or deadline. Her tricks work for both business and personal, Outlook and Gmail. If you want immediate relief this is where you'll get it.

janet boudreau

Vistage International Executive Chair

Email addiction is a genuine struggle for me. It's way too easy for me to behave like a receptionist and work from my inbox. Reading articles and watching YouTube videos didn't cut it; I needed Marcey to provide a base layer of sanity to help keep me on the right track. She doesn't just whip out a standard bag of tricks. She recognized my particular brand of crazy and adapted her training to be most effective for me.

sara shelp

VP of Accounting and Business Operations

My goal was never “Inbox Zero,” but to reduce the count of unread emails in my inbox and take control of the chaos! In our session, Marcey provided a few simple but literally life-changing hacks that immediately gave me control.

dave welk

Managing Director of Acquisitions

Have you read a book (maybe even this one!), watched a video, or played around in your settings, and either still just don't get it or are afraid you'll break something in your settings?

We'll hold your hand, show you the way, and sometimes just do it for you (but not respond to that email you've been avoiding!)

We'll get you set up efficiently with a few small behavior tweaks to get you on the path to owning your device instead of the device owning your attention.

What would it be worth to you to feel calm inside the inbox?

Get the results you want to work on your business instead of in it.
Get the results you want to do what you were hired to do and not spend all day reading email.
Get the results you want to get your time back.