Client Case Study and Feedback: B.W.

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I'm often asked how I work with a client virtually. I thought the best way to explain it was to use a real-life case study of a productivity client who is now on an Accountability and Support plan to maintain her success.


I have had the pleasure of working with Marcey in the past at her former job and greatly admired her philosophies on life and work. She “walked the walk” and I aspired to be like her. My motivation for hiring Marcey was both professional and personal.

My wish was to simplify my work and everyday life and to remove all of the distractions and clutter that overwhelmed me. I wanted to learn the skills that I needed to increase my productivity and efficiency, thereby reducing my own stress and anxiety. My daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome when she was three years old.  She is a very bright, inquisitive child but has many challenges and becomes easily overwhelmed and anxious. Unfortunately, these tendencies become far worse as she gets older and increase when placed in situations of disorganization and uncertainty. She can’t reason her way out of a situation or make excuses for it – it is what it is.

I needed to be able to create and sustain an environment where she is able to thrive and be a happy and confident girl.

More importantly, I want to be able to provide her with the necessary tools and processes that I learned from my coaching sessions to live a simple, productive life with as much independence as possible. I am a self-motivated person but I knew that I could not learn these skills from a book. I knew that I needed a coach and to be held accountable. I was thrilled when Marcey started her own business.

Our sessions were remote via Google Hangout and were very interactive. We worked a lot on processes and practical application to both work and home. After each session a summary was provided and homework assigned for the next week.  The assignments were not easy but were so worth the effort!  I learned a lot about myself in the process and why it is so worth it to try and change your old ways and thinking on things.

 You need to be challenged to make change stick.

I am starting to instinctively apply the processes that Marcey has taught me. This motivates me to keep on going! My husband is 100% supportive and is working through the processes as well. My daughter loves to be included and this has definitely become a team effort!

I am very happy and relieved 🙂 that I will continue to work with Marcey – the expertise, advise and support that she provides are an invaluable resource to my family and myself.

 Working with B.W. was rewarding to me as well. If you would like to learn more about how I could help you and if you would be a good fit for coaching, please complete a Health and Productivity Scorecard and schedule a free 30-min Strategy Session.

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