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Unlock your career's potential! Discover your core mission and values, showcase professional achievements, and be seen by recruiters and hiring managers for what you bring to the table.

Ever felt your career might be stuck in neutral? Ready to shift into high gear? Let RaderCo's renowned Career Specialist, Helene Bumbalo, guide you on an empowering journey to elevate your professional life. Dive deep into understanding your career decisions and the intricate motivations behind them.

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package includes

session 1


Determine your ideal role and/or industry based on your experience.


Discuss answers from a pre-session worksheet to create your professional vision and reframe opportunities by relevance and priority.

session 2


Solidify the message you want to showcase on LinkedIn (the #1 recruiting and hiring website).


Create a revised LinkedIn profile – Upgrade – Have Helene write your profile for you.

session 3


Review revised LinkedIn profile (picture, banner, headline, and contact info).


Identify search strategies such as finding contacts at target companies via alumni networks and finding recruiters for career, role, or job changes.

Helene has a gift. What she pulled from my reflection responses was incredible. A paradigm shift in how to approach highlighting my strengths, accomplishments, and passion authentically. Brilliant technique! THANK YOU HELENE !!!”

Teresa Niblett, PH.D.

Chief Nursing Informatics Officer , TidalHealth System

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