Can you do 10 by 10 ®?

by Health

How many times have you said you would exercise after work but traffic sucked, your plane was delayed or the meeting ran late. You get home starving, inhale whatever is in the fridge or can get into your mouth the quickest and then say ‘I'll exercise tomorrow.'?

Today I'm meeting with Tony Stubblebine, CEO of Lift and his team of superheros. I got involved with Lift about a year ago with my 25 in 25® and 10 by 10® challenges. Lift is a behavior change app that has about every habit you might want to change for yourself from flossing your teeth, telling your spouse you love them more (really?) and exercise.

Yeah, exercise. That's where 10 my 10® comes in.

I challenge YOU to do 10 minutes of exercise every day for a healthy lifestyle change.  Click below for more info. You can even hire yours truly as an accountability coach to keep you honest. Use the code MARCEY and get your first week free!

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jim west

Principal and Managing Director, GFF Architects