#BedTalk​ #8 get your iced coffee fix with teeccino!

by Apr 19, 2021Vlogs

Marcey Rader in #BedTalkChallenge​ talks about how to get a massive iced coffee fix without all the caffeine! Enter…Teeccino!

Teeccino is a healthy coffee alternative that can be brewed just like coffee. Brew a large pot at the beginning of the week and mix it half and half with your regular cold brew. Make Teeccino iced cubes so that as your coffee waters down, you still get the strong coffee flavor.

Check out the chocolate mint and caramel nut versions! https://amzn.to/2zJkLZ7​ (affiliate link)

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Marcey Rader is the founder of Rader Co and author of three books, including Work Well. Play More! Productive, Clutter-Free, Healthy Living – One Step at a Time. https://www.workwellplaymore.com/books