Are you a MoPro?

by Travel

Do you work out of your car, a plane or train?

Do you have a need, urge, or addiction to checking your iPhone?

Do you have so many appointments in so many different places that you sometimes forget where you're going or where you're coming from?

You might be a MoPro!

According to the Urban Dictionary, MoPro is short for Mobile Professional. Mobile Professionals are white-collar workers who spend at least 50% of their work hours away from their home office.
Mobile professionals are often characterized by crackberry addiction, high divorce rate, pearly whites, and inflated titles like “Emerging Technology Strategist.”
My boss is a MoPro so I spend most of my time at work on Facebook.
I came from the world of clinical research where we spoke, wrote and dreamed in acronyms. I've tried to stay away from the terms Business Traveler or Road Warrior as my fave clientele because people who are local travelers, like realtors, pharma reps, etc. don't feel like they are included. Mobile Professionals is a long word so I'm adoping MoPro. I love it.
My favorite part of being a MoPro is traveling internationally. My least favorite is all day meetings, getting numbbutt, where all my food is chosen for me.

What's your favorite thing about being a MoPro and what do you struggle with?

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jim west

Principal and Managing Director, GFF Architects