25 things to be thankful for

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Today is Thanksgiving and as I look back at the last year, I can list 25 things to be thankful for, among many others.

  1. The courage to break free from my golden handcuffs and start my own business
  2. My husband, Kevin, who now works 6-7 days a week while my business is growing
  3. Hoop cookies from my friend @aliciam237
  4. Movie nights with my neighbor Shuli
  5. Meeting Barbara Hemphill
  6. Joining my BNI group Research Triangle Professionals
  7. Kale
  8. My Single-Speed bike
  9. The Chiropractic Six-Pack
  10. Finding my new marketing company and meeting Kyle Held
  11. Self-Myofascial Release
  12. Randomly meeting Jason McMains of Rubberbanditz
  13. My Dad not telling me I was crazy for leaving the corporate world
  14. Papa Spuds
  15. My Mom having super-fun friends who make her laugh until she cries
  16. RLBGFs
  17. Women who unselfishly donate their eggs to other women
  18. The Fistula Foundation for their aid to women around the world
  19. M&M MMs with Melissa Gheen of Productive Difference
  20. Leapdog Marketing for helping me develop relationships
  21. Phone Banjees
  22. Signing up with Business Coach Megan Huber
  23. My partnership with Lift
  24. Shoeboxed
  25. That you are reading this!!  Happy Thanksgiving!
Asheville hiking trip with my Mom and her crazy girlfriends

Asheville hiking trip with my Mom and her crazy girlfriends

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