25 in 25™Update Week of Dec 16

by Health

The 25 in 25™ Challenge is going strong with 770+ people participating!  It's not too late to join.  Just because you won't be eligible for a prize doesn't mean you aren't giving yourself a gift over the next two weeks.  C'mon and join the par-tay! Speaking of prizes, how about checking out some of the prizes we will be randomly giving away to finishers.  My new review of the Sprigs Multi-Mitt is now live.  These make great gifts and you will look cool as hell. Every time I pull out my iPhone from my wrist banjee someone asks me where I got it.

Rubberbanditz is also donating prizes.  I LOVE Rubberbanditz.  I love them so much I said I should have some to sell to the world…so I am!  Stay tuned for a Rubberbanditz pack designed by moi. In the meantime, check out my product review of Rubberbanditz.

I'm a member of Toastmasters International and last week I gave a speech on the 25 in 25™ for Project #9. Unfortunately the part where I slid across the table wasn't captured but trust me….it was boss.


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