25 in 25™ Exercise Challenge Week of Dec 9 Update

by Health

The 25 in 25 Exercise Challenge with Lift is still going strong!  Let's keep it up! We have 698 people all over the world including Finland, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, USA, and Canada.  I'm sure I'm missing many more.

“We went for a walk in the woods for 75 minutes. It had snowed 4 inches and was 9 degrees. ” (brrr!) I'm so proud of you with getting so many people to do this challenge.  Marcey is a great inspiration to keep me working on getting fit.  You all are very lucky to have the opportunity to work with her  – Gloria Rader (Mama, Original 25 in 25er!)

“Jogged round and round inside the school until I made it 25 min. then walked a cool down lap for a total of 28 minutes” Karla Moore

“1 mile open water swim off the coast of Negril, Jamaica” Paul J. Stinson

“I needed to kick my workouts up a notch to reach my goals.  Love this challenge!!David Winningham

“I am from Copenhagen, Denmark and love the way this challenge is lifting me every day to do more”

@catestew is crankin' out the moves with her spiderman push-ups and interval runs!

Don Childrey did 15 push-ups and then the oven timer went off – Ha!

There are several Wii Fit and Kinect participants out there.  I have no idea what fruit ninja is, but I'm glad you won your game!

Don't forget to participate in the discussion boards and check out our prize sponsors, Sprigs and Rubberbanditz.  Let's go!!!!

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