25 in 25™ Exercise Challenge Has Begun!

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Are you still in?

The 25 in 25™ Exercise Challenge is off to a great start!  My goal was 100 participants.

621 participants signed up!

When I read this number from Lift, I started crying.  I would never have thought that my little family challenge started a decade ago would become so big.  Thank you family for continuing to participate.  Thank you Lift for partnering with me. Thank you Kyle Held for helping build the site and for having such enthusiasm.  I appreciate the patience and perseverance of those who had technical difficulties. I didn't realize until today that Lift doesn't support Internet Explorer and it didn't occur to me to ask what browser you were using when trying to get on the site.

I have heard some very cool stories of people getting their colleagues or family involved.

One super challenger, Paul J. Stinson, worked it out that he will text a friend from the rural West Indies to log on for him and document his exercise!

Tom Eldridge has a streak of exercise going since January 1!

Impact Orthopedics is using it for their employee development in December.

Skybound has challenged their clients to participate and will be giving them an extra gift if they complete the challenge!

Summer Busto of Biogen Idec has recruited several colleagues to participate.

My husband, Kevin, posted the challenge on Facebook and has at least seven that started based on one post.

Ann Rinkenberger @HarvestMoonMN is using it for her home school phys ed project for the month.

Cate the Great aka @catestew has presented the idea of an accountability group at 5:30am Central Time to get the 25 minutes in.

“I am recruiting my family for 25 and 25™ and going to send to the PPT group – Kathryn thinks it would be great to invite the whole team to get involved!” Beth Wilson of PAREXEL International


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